Feeling nature and Touching history in Gifu & Aichi JAPAN

About Gifu& Aichi

Within Japan and its “ever evolving” style,
there are some things that draw people’s attention because they don’t change.

With large mountains, untouched rivers, and abundant oceans, visitors to this land feel the rare blessing of nature within their daily lives, and through experiencing the historic manufacturing culture and local cuisine, visitors feel the life of the people that live there.
Found in the center of Japan’s, Gifu Prefecture and Aichi Prefecture hold some of Japan’s oldest history and culture, all of which continues to fascinate us in the modern day
We would love for you to experience the “real” Japan as well, and become surrounded in a sense of history and culture.

Selection Nature/Activity

Feel Japan’s History Surrounded by Nature

Enjoy the different sights between four seasons of the northern Alps, the beautiful flowers that bloom on the isolated island of Mikawa Bay, and the emotional old Japanese-style house in the countryside...
Go on a journey and discover some of Japan’s unknown charm.

Selection History/Traditional Culture

See & Experience “Real” Japanese Traditional Culture

See the crafting of blades where the sparks seem like small fireworks shooting off into the air, the extremely artistic Japanese pottery and porcelain culture, and the beautiful shibori methods of dyeing… All of these methods have been created using the knowledge of predecessors, further mastering the skills that are required for these historic processes.
A new excitement only the “real” can bring about awaits you at your destination.

Let's Go! Getting to Gifu & Aichi

  • Chubu Centrair International Airport

    Chubu Centrair International Airport is an international airport located in the center of Japan, and is known as the entrance to all of the regions found within the center of Japan.
    Within the airport you can find various stores for shopping as well as restaurants to enjoy.

  • Main Methods of Transport from Chubu Centrair International Airport

    Meitetsu/Nagoya Railroad Co., Ltd.

    The most useful way to get to the various regions within the center of Japan from Chubu Centrair International Airport is through using the Meitetsu railway system.
    There is a direct connection with no change in elevation between the airport and Meitetsu railway system via the “Central Japan International Airport Station”. This means moving around with a large suitcase and other luggage is no worry at all.
    Furthermore, if you use the Meitetsu Express Train “μ-SKY”, it only takes 28 minutes to reach Nagoya, and you can reach Gifu Prefecture in just 57 minutes. (An additional fee of 360 yen is required to use this service).

    Car Rental Service

    For visitors wanting to use a car rental service, you are able to do this directly from the airport upon arrival.

  • Main Methods of Transport from Gifu Prefecture

    Gifu Bus

    For travelling within Gifu Prefecture, we would highly recommend the Gifu Bus Service.
    If you head to the Gifu Bus Center, you can ride on a high-speed bus and get direct access to various popular sightseeing spots across Gifu.

    Main High-speed Bus Routes
    ●1 hour 53 minutes to Hida, Takayama (6 Trips Daily)
    ●1 hour 21 minutes to Gujo, Hachiman (9 Trips Daily)
    (This timetable is accurate as of 1/31/2022)

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